WeTap is a Smart business card/product company which uses NFC embedded chip & QR technology to share the digital business details via tap or QR scan depend upon your phone compatibility. WeTap product comes with a fully custom weblink platform for easy modifications anytime anywhere 24/7.

Our company focuses on turning you into a brand that people talk about and share on social media. WeTap web-links are professional, precision-tailored, and compatible with all types of android/Apple phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

NFC enabled products are compatible with any latest phone after 2018. Older phone models can scan QR code printed on the back side of card. Here are the detailed phone models its compatible with: View NFC Compatible Phones

For Quick help how to setup your account or weblink, please visit our tutorial page: View Tutorials



Your special NFC Business card with a professionally designed web-platform.

WeTap Digital Business Card
Tap & Go, That’s how easy it is to share using your WeTap Digital Card


Wetap is the best digital business card company, which can be your perfect choice to promote your business with endless possibilities.

Here are the few highlights:

In Wetap dashboard, you can add or remove any link such as your social media links like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, website and many more. You can also add any custom link which can be direct anywhere to share your brand value. Wetap gave you the power to add as many links as you want with absolutely no hustle.


Add any logo or banner you want to add and can change anytime if needed. In the banner, you can also add your latest promotions, your brokerage details or quick highlights. Give your clients a taste of your business on the very top of your wetap profile

Add your recent work photos to your profile to display your work to your clients and which can stand out from the crowd. They are easy to upload or remove in your dashboard.

Add Portfolio details

In this digital card, you have tabs to add like latest updates or business overview sections you want to share with your clients. You can add up to 3 sections, which are fully customizing.


Share your latest reviews by adding onto your profile and your futures clients can make a quick decision after reviewing your original testimonials.

Let’s connect

Let’s connect is the appointment tab which has been integrated into your profile for your clients to book your time and get connected. This is also the smart way to connect with your clients.

Contact us form

Contact us form which are the best source for lead generation. This form comes with wetap basics and wetap pro where your clients can share their questions or product inquiry.

Future add-ons

Wetap is planning to add more features like add share files, embedded videos, Pop up tabs, CRM integrations, payment tabs and many more