We Tap Digital Business Cards – The smart green solution for your business

WE TAP Digital Business Cards are revolutionizing the business industry with their smart green card. In today’s fast-paced world, access all of your information with just one tap.

Digital Business Cards are unique because they are fully customizable. Choose your text and background colors, upload your photograph or business logo or choose from the easy-to-use templates to make it your own. Bring your business into the digital era by adding all of your contact details, website, location, and social media handles. A wetap digital smart card that allows clients to find you on a map, call or email you with just the tap of a button meaning that your contact details are always at your client’s fingertips. We Tap Digital Business Cards are accessible on any device with an internet connection meaning your client can find you anywhere, anytime. Boost your connections and your sales instantly.
We Tap Digital Business Cards are also eco-friendly, distinguishing them from traditional paper business cards. Did you know most 90% of regular business cards are thrown away in less than one week? That’s bad news, not only for you and your pocket but also for the environment.

We TAP Digital visiting card maker online in canada

How does a WeTap card help real estate agents? | Digital Business Card Design in waterloo

A virtual business card can do so much more than just share your details and links with buyers and sellers. These smart business cards can help alleviate some of the most common pain points between real estate agents and their clients, which is why top performing real estate teams are adopting digital business cards faster than ever.

A WeTap card helps real estate agents grow their network to get more eyes on their listings. However, if a property isn’t moving, then their virtual card can also be the source of data to make smarter decisions to spark interest.

Real estate agents can also use their card to encourage action. We notice that agents that include calls to action on their digital business card get the most contacts and call backs.

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Digital Business Card Advantages | Digital Business Card Design in waterloo

Business Cards are essential for all kind of businesses irrespective of their field and size of business. Nowadays, business cards are used not only to share contact information but also to build business brand. Virtual Business Cards are electronic formats of paper business cards which display your business details and contact information. You can easily share your cards on your smartphone itself. You can check how many people have clicked and visited your card through analytics. It’s easy to track.WeTap is a Smart business card/product company which uses NFC embedded chip & QR technology to share the digital business details via tap or QR scan depend upon your phone compatibility. WeTap product comes with a fully custom weblink platform for easy modifications anytime anywhere 24/7.

Quick and Easy Access:
Clients can get quick access to your key contact information provided on the digital business card. Unlike paper business cards, your clients don’t have to search for your card, take the phone, type your number to call you. Your clients can easily communicate or contact you for business queries via a click.

Cost Effective:
Digital Business Cards are the best cost effective way to attract client’s attention without spending much and with less efforts. For small businesses, the cost of designing and printing paper cards is very high.

Attach Media:
Digital Business Cards allow you to attach media files with your card so that you can give more information and story about your brand to your customers. You can attach videos and sign up forms and other external links.

Easy to Share:
Most of the business people attend meetings and conferences to share their business cards and collect new customers cards. Digital Business Cards easy to share via Email, Social Media, SMS, etc.

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