Digital Business Card V/s Paper Cards

There are many factors we need to consider while making a comparison between paper cards and digital business card, here are some of the main factors we need to consider for such comparison:

Money & Hustle

Paper business card comes in many quality, shape, and pricing. According to the survey every year, more than 10 billion business cards printed and out of which 6 billion business cards are thrown away the first week of printing. This number is very big and its keep on increasing every single year. Consider the amount of money spent every year get wasted, and comes out of no use.

This is not the only factor but also its been examined that every 3rd business owner spend an average of $140-$180 per year on designing and printing of business cards and reprint every 6 months if any changes occur. This is also a factor to put into consideration while comparison.

Whereas Digital card costs only 1/3rd the amount and can be modify anytime anywhere with absolutely no expiry. You do not even need to re-print or re-pay for the same. You can modify your digital card within seconds and modify as per requirement with zero dollar spent.


Time for average printing and designing of paper business card is 3-7 business days where as digital card is ready to ship on an average of 1-2 business days. If we compare turnaround time, some of the digital cards are ready right away for sharing. So chances of getting leads gets higher as you get additional week of promoting using smart cards.

Ecosystem or Environment Benefits

This has a clear answer from first key point as almost 6 billion cards are thrown away which is a lot of paper get wasted and directly proportional to tress as well as environment. In digital cards, it can be single card or even just a soft copy sharing technology where no paper used or very less physical products use for digital sharing.

Now a days PVC card is been used which has nfc chip embedded for quick sharing options with no expiry of card at all. Alternatively, QR code used for sharing your digital information.

Professional Impression

After using the same paper business card, we get bored and its effect get faded day by day whereas with Digital card you can modify the design anytime anywhere when you feel like to put some updated information or make a design which can stand out from the crowd.

Generate More leads

According to survey, digital cards generate more leads as compared to paper cards. Reason is as simple as you can share your user-friendly information easily over the phone or email whereas for cards you have to share it physically before it makes an impression to generate a lead.  

Customer get taste of your business without even seeing you in person. Isn’t that amazing?

Contact-less Sharing

Its hard for paper cards to get shared without a physical contact. During this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone was not even scheduling an physical meet ups. It all went from physical meeting to zoom meeting. Therefore, Smart card are the only solution in such cases for sharing your quick access information.

There are plenty of other factor too which can be considered for comparison but our winner for this comparison I clearly Digital Business card which is handy, easy to use, quick sharing and most important you contribute in saving environment.

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