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Why large businesses are making the switch to We TAP Digital Business Cards?

Traditional business cards printed on paper are undoubtedly effective. You meet a contact, shake hands and hand over your details in a convenient card for follow-up. However, did you know that 88% of business cards are thrown away after a number of days? All of the time, effort and money spent on creating the perfect business card to represent your business and it’s gone into the rubbish in less than one week. Not to mention the impracticability of paper business cards in a new world which thrives on digital meetings via video call. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, face-to-face meetings are becoming a thing of the past as for reasons of health and convenience, business meetings are going online. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that so too are business cards. Cue the WETAP Digital Business Card. Not only are you able to create the perfect business card to represent your business in a digital format, as you would have with traditional paper business cards – you can make it even better. The receiver will have access to your phone number, street address, website, social media channels and more with a simple tap of a button. Making it easier for the client to contact you will help ensure more follow-ups, and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. Furthermore, you will make a lasting impression on your client when you produce a slick Digital Business Card complete with your photograph, company logo and videos. And here’s the best part – you can personalise your Digital Business Card for each of your staff members with the Digital Business Cards Enterprise package.

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