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How to Make an Effective WETAP Digital Business Card Design?

The difference between a paper business card and a digital business card is that the latter can contain more information. Besides that, eBusiness cards still need to look professional and tidy to make a first good impression. What to incorporate and how to demonstrate it are all key parts of building a digital business. There are some resourceful tips for creating a digital business card design the right way. A good electronic business card design can go a long way in positively influencing the mind of potential consumers.

Make Your Job Title and Name Stand Out

A good e-Business card is precisely that: a pleasing virtual representation of your company or profession. It should display details which would interest consumers or other professionals. You must put your name, company and job title front and centre. It would be good to have the name bolder and bigger than the other information or details so that readers could immediately identify you.

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